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Jane Bartle-Wilson - New endorsement

Created on Friday, 03 March 2017 13:54

We are delighted to receive a super new endorsement from Jane Bartle-Wilson. Jane, a former Olympian who competed in the 1984 Los Angeles games with her horse Pinocchio in the individual dressage, now trains extensively and is based at the Yorkshire Riding Centre.

'I have been using the EquiAmi for at least 5 years. This simple system can be adapted for horses at different stages of development, and will help them achieve a correct working balance. It can be adjusted to encourage the use of core muscles, and does this without putting the horse on the forehand. I particularly like the effect of the sliding rein that allows for a controlled but uphill canter. When I’m away, my two Advanced dressage horses are left for others to work. The EquiAmi is so easy to fit and adjust; I can set a programme than can include some loosening / stretching work, as well as some work in collection. I have recommended this to many clients, who have also found it very useful. It is a well made quality training aid and properly adjusted is not forceful in any way'.

Thank you Jane for this 

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