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EquiAmi differs from Pessoa in two main ways

Created on Sunday, 24 May 2015 07:49

The EquiAmi lunge aid differs from the Pessoa in two main ways.

Firstly with the EquiAmi lungeing aid, the whole aid is a loop therefore there is equal tension (or freedom) all the way round. This makes it unnecessary to alter anything for direction changes as it self-centres and is always equal. When adjusting the size of the loop you don’t need to adjust both sides as there are not really any ‘sides’ as it is a self-centring loop.

Secondly the fact that the loop moves with the horse as he moves means that there is no fixed point therefore the horse cannot lean on it so they work lighter and in more self carriage rather than becoming downhill (which can happen in a Pessoa as the front section is fixed back to the roller). This brings much more softness, lightness and swing into the horse’s work. The small loop at the D ring of the roller allows sufficient free movement for even the biggest horse but prevents the jabbing of the mouth by the hind leg action. It also prevents the horse catching its mouth should he spook or do a ‘whooppee’.

It is very easy to put on and feels little different (to a horse) to a fillit string on a rug so is often more acceptable to many horses especially if they dislike pressure or restraint. I can put one on in 40 seconds (horse has roller, boots and bridle/cavesson on) but I reckon about two minutes for the first couple of times for a new user. The chest piece attaches to the roller and the rope is in two colour coded sections that fit around the horse and join together to form a loop. For a horse that is skittish I would be inclined to put it on and let him get the feel of it in the stable for a few minutes, but generally horses accept it very kindly, even those who tend to throw themselves about or have a strop when they feel they are under pressure.

I think what we do on the lunge should be more comparable to what we do under saddle which is why the loop is so successful as we ride in a loop with our arms/reins/hands and bit and ask our horses to become soft in response to communication through this loop. Lungeing them in a similar loop promotes topline and engagement but also induces lift and swing through the back into a soft, equal contact. If a horse has nothing to lean on, he starts to carry himself properly and becomes balanced. It is as simple as that really.

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