Another lovely endorsement from another very happy customer

I just wanted to drop you a line to say how wonderful I think your product is.

I have just started lungeing Sky who has just turned 3 in preparation to starting him at the end of the summer. From the start I have used your product and the transformation is amazing. He really does not look like the same pony. We are just at the start and I know there are more improvements to come.

I showed Sky and last year we were achieving 5th and 6th place. The last 2 shows we have been to we have been placed 2nd and 3rd and I know he will just keep getting better.

So thanks for your great invention. I have told all my friends who are trialling mine so I hope you get a few more sales from it.

Regards Terri

A new endorsement - June 2009

I recently purchased the EquiAmi lungeing my horse, Tetely, would not canter left on the correct leg. Normal lungeing in a roller and side reins did not appear to be helping. I have been using the EquiAmi system for about 6 weeks. It was very easy to fit with the aid of he instructional DVD. I use it twice a week for 20 mins as suggested.

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Full UK patent granted Nov 2009. Rosie Thomas top event rider endorsement & pictures

Top international event rider Rosie Thomas BHSII has been using EquiAmi training aids for several months now and says:

"All the horses on the yard are worked in the EquiAmi lungeing aid regularly. I can see and feel a big difference in them now".

"The equiAmi riding aid gives novice riders a real feel of what they need to achieve as well as helping advanced riders and horses with more technical movements".

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Bitless bridle & EquiAmi

Liz from Ireland wanted to try the EquiAmi lungeing aid with a bitless bridle. We had no experience of this type of use so we asked her to let us know how she got on so we could inform others. She recentley emailed us with this:

Hi just thought I should write and let you know that Jack my lovely Dales is coming along great in the EquiAmi. A bit of top line starting to build which is great. I just do the 20 mins twice a week. I use a Nutural Bitless Bridle with Jack and was initially using the cavesson noseband over it but now just use my Nurtural Bitless Bridle with my EquiAmi and he shapes up lovely.

So if you get any queries about using your equipment with a Bitless Bridle it works great with mine.

Keep up the good work.
Thanks again from me and Jack.

WOW, two new brill endorsements Jan/Feb '09

I bought the EquiAmi from you ages ago.. Years even!! I just wanted to say I LOVE IT. I've ridden lots of different types of horses in it, from elementary dressage horses to little TB youngsters. I have rehabed a number of little horses and this is a great and sympathetic aid to encourage balance and cordination in the horse. I am not a gadget fan but this is very very useful to explain balance and relaxation to horses. Very glad I bought it.
All best wishes,
Louise M (BHS qualified instructor) from NI

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Latest endorsement Sept '08

Liz from Ireland emailed us with this:

Hi just thought I would e-mail you to say thanks. Received my EquiAmi yesterday and watched the DVD. I have a four year old Dales Pony Jack. It was so easy to put it together. I am not a lunging person at all, because of side reins etc and the pressure I feel horses are put under, even for a short time. So when I saw EquiAmi advertised and saw how it worked, it made sense to me, and it seems, to Jack.

I couldn't believe how easily he took to it, ears forward, didn't even have to lift my schooling stick, off he went. Used it for about 5 minutes on each side after I had warmed him up and he went great, lovely shape.

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