Endorsement from Equine Management & Training

The EquiAmi is quite unique in terms of equine training aids. It is very quick and easy to fit and is so simple, yet incredibly effective; its effectiveness lies in its simplicity. Designed to work with the horse, letting them work things out for themselves, it is a aid that can greatly assist those who are less skilled in the art of ground training work with their horses to achieve something positive.

With many so-called training aids, when a horse does respond positively, he doesn't actually receive a reward for doing so. When riding, we should reward with a slight release of the hands or a removal of the leg aid, etc. and it should be no different when using a training aid, whether from the ground or under saddle.

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New endorsement June 2010. Rehab success, and more...

Hi, I just wanted to say how good your lunging and riding aid are. I have tried all sorts of 'gadgets' - side reins, draw reins, pessoa's and the variations of it, chambon, de gouge anything you can possibly think off and our tack room is littered with them all. I saw your lunge aid advertised in a few of the horse magazines and read reviews and visited your website and finally decided to purchase the combi aid (lunge and ridden aid pack). It has sat in the tack room since before Christmas as I was very sceptical and confess I kept hold of the old gadgets that whilst did something did not give me the desired results just incase I was disappointed again but … WOW! I don't know why I didn't use it earlier!

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New endorsement May 2010

We have used the Equiami (lungeing aid) already, borrowed from a friend, and had so much success with our 2 horses we had to buy one for ourselves.

Copper is now 8 and 15.2. He has been off work for 4 years due to a pelvis injury. After many vets bills and now being barefoot the equiami has been a big help in getting him to work properly and he is now going to shows as a small riding horse and jumping again.

Sunni is a proper mare and very uptight and it has helped her relax and work from behind.
Than kyou, Liz from Somerset

New endorsement Decemeber 2009

My event horse is going beautifully on his EquiAmi. Physio came out on Wednesday and was amazed at the amount of muscle he has put on his top line since she saw him last. He is also incredibly flexible along his whole spine which is great as he has kissing spines. I think the EquiAmi has been a huge success!! Sarah J.

I just thought I would feedback to you regarding the EquiAmi.

Bought in July after seeing pictures on Pleasesure Prints website from the Three Counties Show, Sports Horse Class with not a great topline as he had grown and the rest of him not caught up. He has been worked twice a week with the EquiAmi.

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Rehab success

I felt I had to let you know how your wonderful lungeing aid has really helped bring my wonky old boy along to something resembling a normal horse rather than a camel!

I know everyone considers their horse as special - but Leo really is a case and a half, here's why:

He used to be a fairly successful harness racer, a pacer at that (with a lateral trot rather than diagonal) until an accident on track put an end to his career. I still have no detail about what happened, but it resulted in him being sold for meat, when someone took pity on his handsome features and bought him.

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We have been granted a full UK patent on EquiAmi training aids

Anyone who thinks this is the same as, or similar to any other training aids, can think again. This is unique and brilliant.