Building topline with EquiAmi - endorsement


Building topline and strength with EquiAmi

This is Hugo shortly after arriving with his new owner. Some people would describe him as having a ‘low set-on neck’ however this is not true. The skeleton varies very little within a species and what you are seeing is muscle wastage along the topline combined with slack abdominal muscles brought about by a variety of reasons including incorrect work and posture. His owner decided to incorporate the EquiAmi lunge aid as part of Hugo’s work regime to encourage correct work, muscle use, balance and posture.

hugo before

Less than six months later the results speak for themselves. A lot of credit must go to his owner who has clearly changed many things to get him in much better general condition but she has also stuck with regular use of EquiAmi to achieve great results. This is not a quick fix but is a genuine, long term build up of the musculature that will give the horse strength, balance and power for whatever discipline(s) he undertakes in the future. The topline has developed and his neck is remarkably good with round, well-developed hindquarters; he looks amazing.

hugo after less than 6 months