What are the main benefits of using the EquiAmi lungeing aid?

  1. Easy to fit: less than two minutes to a horse prepared for lungeing.
  2. Readily accepted: free movement & lack of tension means less resistance.
  3. Simple to adjust: the loop doesn’t require both sides to be adjusted.
  4. Soft equal contact: the aid self-centres giving the horse a soft, equal contact.
  5. Self-centring: no adjustment required for changes of rein.
  6. Easy to un-tack: quickly comes apart for un-tacking.
  7. Saves time: quick and easy to use and saves time in professional yards.
  8. Easy to use: makes lungeing less intimidating for inexperienced users.
  9. DVD instructions: comes with a DVD and fully illustrated instruction booklet.
  10. Storage: comes in a Hessian storage bag to hang in the tack room.